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Im sorry but theres a difference between a parody and a blatant rip off, this was just a complete copy of the final match of shaolin soccer.

A great match but no contest.

Both great movies but Gels was really good. I think he took a huge risk making a movie that involves sticks and Ki but man it paid off. I'd love to see that made into a series its a very clever story. Btw the girl is now evil her eyes sort of flash green really evil. meh. Great movies. Jerm man yours was good but after seing that flash movie FEAR it really made it worse and the horror element wasnt great.

i'm sorry

I'm truly sorry if you lost someone or to whoever has lost someone in this tragedy but the facts remain that this shit happened and people should start to get over this and although it was a depressing event to be perfectly honest its pretty pathetic to cry over a flash movie. Tragedies happen, russia, japan, iraq all those countrys have been on the recieving end of punishment but i honestly dont think making flash movies is the way to go about it.


this movie is just not as good as the first one. the jokes aren't as funny, the video games jokes aren't funny and i think you tried way too hard on the story that it actually ruined the movie. i think the first one was better because it had no huge story it pretty much went straight to the parodies and thats what you shouldve done with this.

it was ok

i play priston tale a lot. but the problem is that really that didnt have anything to do with priston tale. you could've got some one ksing or include those goddamn rock priestesses that nobody likes. it was good animation but it wasn't that funny and had nothing to do with pristontale. the least you couldve done was use the ricarten music for when they were in ricarten. still not a bad job.

it was ok.

but totally ruined by the bad sound. it really wasnt that funny either.

your right

this clearly is better than mine. but the problem is its way to short. i would do a remake of mine but the truth is it sucks and im working on something else. still if you were to makes yours longer it would've easily topped my score. well thats a bout it really.

Davidironfist responds:

Thanks for your review. I hope I didn't offend you in any way, that was not my intention. And I'm looking forward to your next movie!

brilliant best of the series

this is the best of the series.


that was distubingly funny. there just aren't enough psychos on newgrounds but this filled that void. mr happy's voice was brilliant and i loved the are you going to be my friend part.

that was some creepy shit

what the hell? that was the most surreal creepy submission ive ever seen.

i need a catch phrase

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